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12 months access for all plans! 14 Day Refund Guarantee! 

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Who's it for?

Dancers looking for clean and consistent pirouettes

Dancers on flat or approved for pointe shoes by an instructor

Competitors looking to level up and raise scores

Anyone wanting clean turns to both sides

Dancers that are not natural turners and struggle with pirouettes

Those willing to dedicate themselves to not rush through but take time to complete all 8 hours of training over time. *See workshops below. 

  • Payments: 1x or Split-Pay
    One time payments / Paid in full:

    You are charged one time only. This does not auto-renew. *Buy now pay later 3rd party options (Klarna etc.) are considered one time payments and you make payments to them per your agreement. Please only use these options with one time payment and not split-pay. It won't work.

    Split-Pay Option:

    You can also choose 2 monthly payments to purchase the program. This is not a subscription and once your payments are complete you will not be charged again. You are charged consecutively each month until you are paid in full. So, two months. Not completing the split-pay plan will cause a student to be removed from a program. If you wish to rejoin later we will credit you for what you had paid so far.

    Refund window is 14 days from date of purchase.
  • Refunds
    14 days from date of purchase for a full refund. Allow 2-5 business days for your bank or credit card to process.
  • 12 Months Access
    Once paid in full you will have access to Perfect Pirouettes for 12 months from the initial purchase date. Annual access does not auto-renew. If you selected a split-pay option you will have access to the program while you continue to make payments. If you lapse in payments at any time or get a refund you will be fully removed from the program.

    If more videos are added to the sections over time you will also have access to that new content for 12 months from initial purchase date.
  • Medical Clearance / Safety
    Please do not enroll at this time if you have medical restrictions. Safety first. If you are unsure consult with your physician.

    Clear the area where you will practice so you do not kick anything or hit anything should you lose your balance.

    Do not do the program on carpet.

    Do not use pointe shoes if you are not cleared by your instructor to do so. Serious injury could occur.
  • How can I watch the videos?
    Perfect Pirouettes by DancePro can be viewed from your computer, mobile device browser, or in the DancePro App available to you free in the app store for iphone and Android. The videos can also be cast to your smart tv.
  • More questions...
    Please use the chat icon in the lower right

Your Instructor: Robbie Downey