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How is STRETCHOLOGY different from other programs?

No confusing modules or sequences.

No advanced unsafe over-stretching.

No shortcuts (I'm sorry they do not exist. Beware of shortcuts).

No long scientific explanations.

Just effective systems to help you build healthy habits and improve flexibility and mobility.

Learn the right time for different types of stretching. (Dynamic vs static, before class or after class, etc.) 

Meet your teacher!
Robbie has trained at the top schools in the country including Ellison Ballet NYC, American Ballet Theatre, Master Ballet Academy, Ballet Arte, and San Diego Academy of Ballet. She has danced professionally with Phoenix Ballet, California Ballet, San Diego Ballet, and Colorado Ballet. She frequently is a guest artist and has performed Sugar Plum Fairy, Snow Queen, Waltz Queen, Clara, and more. Robbie has placed in the top 3 several times at Youth America Grand Prix and was invited to participate in the USA IBC. She is the co-founder of West Coast Ballet School & Company. Robbie has years of experience teaching all ages and levels of dancers. She has helped prepare dancers for competitions and summer programs.
What is included?

Warm-ups, Front Splits, Middle Splits, Turn-Out, Side Extensions, Foam Roller, Cool Down, Zero Impact Floor Barre Exercises, and General Flexibility for Beginners

Simple and safe sequences for increased flexibility, mobility, and range of motion

Daily exercises to keep you open and moving well

Learn the right stretches at the right time - you may be doing this incorrectly 

Improve your performance in physical activities

Injury prevention and increased circulation

Release endorphins that help to reduce pain and enhance your mood

Relieve muscle tension and stress

Boost your athletic performance and improve your posture

Gentle Stretches: Getting a muscle to lengthen from stretching requires the delicate manipulation of tension - not unsafe force

Robbie's personal routines developed over years of training at the top dance schools in the country

Things to stop doing now:

Using your stretch routine as a warm-up, excessive or extreme over-stretching, bouncing, holding your breath, being impatient, and comparing yourself to other people.

Avoid stretching too long and too hard. Achieving optimal results does not take as much effort as most people think.

Stop taking advice from random people or contortionists that were born flexible! Flexibility comes very easily to some people and genetics absolutely play a factor. Let's stay safe and get your personal best results!

Stop quitting! Results take time and patience and I am here for the long haul to help you reach your goals. 

Who's it for?

Dancers looking for solid stretch routines. 

Beginners and people that want a good foundation to build upon as they become more flexible. 

People that have tried other programs without results. 

Things you should know:

Modules are pre-recorded.

Watch on your computer, tablet, tv, or phone via the DancePro App.

Access is annual with an option to renew in one year. You will NOT be automatically charged. This is a one-time payment, not a subscription. 

*Stretchology is a registered trademark

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